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Post  Van Lowry on Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:15 pm

Hello People and welcome to yet another Vman's Views. Today I'm interviewing Hannah Ruhoff on the topic thats swept Cleveland AND OHIO UP ON ITS FEET LADIES AND GENTLEMAN
Le-Bron James

Ok Hannah what do you think on the whole topic (period)? (Hannah Said)

"I think that all this talk of LeBron is getting sort of pointless, I mean it was devastating at first, but now it's getting annoying how people are still raving over the fact that he's gone. LeBron did a whole lot for us, but it's his life and he needs to move on. Clevelanders should stop worrying, we still have a good team."

Yes Yes and do you think his choice was right? (Hannah said) "His choice was whatever he wanted to do. It was good in a way, but bad in a way."

Ok Ok and how do you think it will work out with the Miami Heat in the long term?(Hannah Said)"I think it will work but Miami Heat fans will never love LeBron like Cleveland did."

Ok yea and ah the burning question everyone sees differently on (or atleast Cleveland sees the same) ARE YOU STILL A LeBron Fan? (Hannah Said) "Yes. I was upset with his choice but I'll still be his fan."

Ok thanks Hannah for the Interview AND LADIES AND GENTLEMAN STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT Vman's Views going deep inside the world of a videogame creator himself: Davionne Godden Thanks guys!

vMaN v.
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